Gracefull, feminine and very common: the pear-shaped body. You have all the right curves, tiny shoulders but voluptuous hips. Lucky you, big buts are totally hot! This shape however can be tricky when you want to divert the attention off your hips.

We however feel like these shapes are something to be very proud of! If you have it, flaunt it! Show off those curves and embrace your body so you radiate and always look your best. Just shake that booty!

Are you overwhelmed by the attention for your behind and want to divert this? Just accentuate your upper body half so it looks fuller. Use light colours, patterns and prints.
Show off your big beautiful but by wearing fitted jeans with a shaping effect. A nicely fitted pair of trousers is very important to create a balanced booty. Bootcuts and straight jeans are a perfect match. Your legs look longer, you balance out your body and show off your assets. You can amplify this by choosing fancy jackets and beautiful sweaters.
Do you want to focus even more on your hips? Go for a skinny or legging to emphasize your feminine curves.
Printed tops
Plain dark trousers
Fitted jacket that reaches between your waist and hips (or slightly lower)
Jackets of sweaters made of thick material, with a large collar or scarf
Boat neck tops
Shoulder pads
Short sleeves slightly hanging off of your shoulders
Straight or bootcut jeans
Light colours or flashy prints as jeans or skirts
Tops with sloppy shoulders
Spaghetty strap tops
Tops made of thin materials
Trousers or skirts made of thick materials