1. You’ve worked with so many amazing brands over the course of your career. What is the one thing that sets NYDJ apart from the rest?

LC: I can’t limit it to just one! I’d say the innovation, fabrication and technology, plus our customers’ connection with the jeans. NYDJ’s lift-tuck technology is one of a kind lifting to flatter curves in the back and tucks to flatten in the front. Women become obsessed with the way NYDJ makes them look and feel physically and emotionally. It is so rewarding to be part of a brand that empowers women to walk a little taller, smile a little brighter, and feel amazing.

2. Who is the NYDJ woman?

LC: The NYDJ woman is warm, vital and confident. She's us on our best day...the woman you know, love, and want to catch up with over a glass of wine! She loves current style but she won't sacrifice comfort. That's why we design jeans with the perfect amount of stretch and incredible recovery so that our consumer has the best fit possible. Inclusive sizing is also important to us and our consumer. We offer over 66 sizes from 00 petite to 28 plus, including tall lengths, so that we can fit and flatter most women and create an experience that feels like her jeans were custom made for her.

3. Tell us, why do you believe that #FitIsEverything?

LC: We believe that great fitting denim is a transformative experience. When you know you look great, you feel confident, like you can accomplish remarkable things and be the best version of yourself. We always keep physical and emotional comfort in mind when we design NYDJ, because we know that an amazing fit gives women confidence to conquer, which is why #FitIsEverything.

4. If you could describe NYDJ is three words, what would they be?

LC: Fit, Comfort, Confidence.

5. You’ve had such an amazing career. What has been the one major lesson or piece of advice that has stuck with you throughout the years?

LC: Sometimes to go fast, you have to slow down and bring others along.

6. White T-shirt and Converse or blouse and heels? What’s your go-to denim pairing?

LC: It really depends on the occasion! On a weekend afternoon, my go-to is definitely a basic T-shirt with slip-on platform sneakers. If I’m going out to dinner or have a nicer event, I put on a Pintuck Pleat Back blouse with a great pair of heels.

7. What’s your absolute favourite fall style from NYDJ? (We know it’s hard to choose just one!)

LC: I’m loving our new Smart Embrace Denim in the Alina Legging. The Smart Embrace fabric uses both high-performance COOLMAX® All Season technology and LYCRA® fiber, so it keeps me cool on hot days and warmer on cold days. I also have been living in Sure Stretch. They honestly feel like yoga pants and are unbelievably comfortable and stylish! Another favourite piece is our denim jacket with fray hem in Desert Gold. It’s the perfect stylish outer layer on a brisk fall day.

8. In today’s connected world we all spend a little more time than we would like glued to our iPhones, inboxes, and iPads. How do you find the perfect work-life balance?

LC:I just make sure to remember what’s important in life. Face to face conversation or a phone call is so important and spending time with family and friends. I don’t take myself too seriously, and I love what I do, which makes me a happy person and life balances out naturally. I recently read a book called Off Balance by Matthew Kelly - that was a game changer for me. It gave me insight into work-life balance. “There is no such thing as work life balance, it’s all about prioritizing and making sure what’s important to you.” One lesson it taught me was to take at least a 20 minute walk or break in the middle of the day, every day, to just take a moment and breathe.

9. We love the quote, “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other women who have her back.” This couldn’t ring more true for us. What women do you look to for career and life inspiration?

LC: The #1 one inspiration in my life is my mom, who is the strongest women I know. She has endured many curve balls, and still gets up every day, feeling happy, thankful and determined. My mom was a life inspirer as she was a mother and wife first, but I have been very fortunate to have had a couple women in my life who have been very successful both personally and professionally, which is not easy. They inspire me in my pursuit of balancing both to be a good leader, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and person in general, I am truly lucky.